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     List three places where you will be able to find support and three methods of self-care you can rely on when you need to take a step back and take care of yourself.

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    Judith McGuinness

    Three places:
    The gym (when it finally can open again)
    My son’s apartment, where I can visit my granddaughter
    Talking to other advocates (like few I’ve been speaking with already)

    Getting a pedicure
    Going for a massage
    Reading a good book

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    Amy Aynedjian

    Three places I can go to receive support:
    1. My Mom’s house
    2. My church
    3. My brother’s house where there are
    six kiddos to visit with … they
    are good medicine 😉
    Three things I can do for self-care
    1. Take gym classes at home or at gym.
    2. Take a nature walk around a pond or
    3. Pray/meditate

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    Anastasia Warden

    Three places I can find support:
    Casa Peer Leaders / Case Supervisors
    Other CASAs
    Friends / Family members that are in fields such as social work, therapy & education.

    Walks with my dog with the airpods turned way up.
    Drives on curvy roads
    Activities with my family

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    Suzanne Doll

    Three places I can find support:
    -my CASA supervisor and CASA peers
    -my family and friends
    -within my mental health agency where secondary trauma is always addressed and supported

    Self-Care outlets
    -driving ( I actually enjoy my commute…books on tape)
    -going for walks
    -spending time with my family and cats

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    Shama Thakkar

    My form of self-care are: yoga, meditation and therapy. In a moment of high stress, I know I can turn inward with meditation.

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    Cathy Skinner

    Places to find support:
    Trusted family and very close friends
    My faith/church
    Therapy if needed

    Self care:
    Meditation, prayer

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    Mindy Felixbrod

    I have a supportive family, enjoy lots of activities that are distressing for me including gardening, working out ( too little) reading biking ) also too little) and sweeping ( lol- I actually do that when I’m stressed)

    My places are Day trips, mornings w coffee in my yard And I find my work as a realtor very rewarding.

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    Peter Manuel

    I certainly hope to have interaction with the fellow CASA class members; it’s unfortunate that we haven’t had much of that opportunity. Clearly several are experienced and insightful, and I’m sure I will need guidance and advice as to how to proceed. Meanwhile, I sometimes relax by going fishing, though I have a nasty tendency to obsess and play neurotic, unhelpful tape-loops when I do that. Exercise is always helpful.

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    Fran Waller Robertson

    When I need to self group:
    Some fun time with a grandchild.
    I walk in the woods.
    Quiet time reading.

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    Alondra Palacios

    Three Places:
    1. Outdoors
    2. My best friend’s
    3. Other CASA members and supervisors

    Self Care:
    1. Running
    2. Shopping
    3. Sleeping

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