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     Read Shannon’s Story (Chapter 5 page 7) and provide 3 reasons for reunification and 3 reasons why Shannon should stay with her resource parents.

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    Cathy Skinner

    (1)mother is aware of her issues
    (2) mother successfully completed rehab once
    (3) mother WANTS Shannon and is family

    Stay with resource parent:
    (1) Stable environment
    (2) No worry of substance abuse
    (3) want to adopt-sense of permanency

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    Suzanne Doll

    Shannon should be reunified with her mother because:
    -her mother has worked hard to have Shannon reside with her and wants her home
    -based on her past, mother seems open to services
    -Shannon would continue to be raised within her Native American culture
    -Shannon’s mother did relapse, but relapse is part of substance abuse recovery
    -Shannon would be raised with other relatives

    Shannon should stay with her Resource Parent because:
    -They would provide a stable environment and want to adopt her
    -Shannon would be in school and her education would be monitored
    -Shannon would not be exposed to substance abuse and potential neglect due to her mother’s issues

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    Judith McGuinness

    Three reasons for Shannon’s reunification with Caterina:
    Caterina is complying with all recommendations
    Even though she struggles with addiction, it is clearly important for Caterina to have Shannon back home
    Shannon seems to know the right thing to do when there is a problem, like calling Nathan and Marie to take care of Shannon when she had to be hospitalized

    Three reasons for Shannon to remain with Nathan and Marie:
    Permanancy-willingness to adopt
    Stable environment-Shannon has lived with them longer and knows them very well
    Better life-would most likely be better able to provide for Shannon.

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    Shama Thakkar

    Shannon should be reunified with her mother because:
    1. She is her biological parent and she has more emotional history with her;
    2. She has been actively pursuing sobriety by completing rehab;
    3. Although she relapsed, that is common and a part of recovery;
    4. She would be around her culture and the family/relatives she grew up with providing her a sense of comfort.

    Shannon should remain with the resource parents because:
    1. Her mother has a substance abuse problem and has relapsed — this is very unstable for her;
    2. There is more stability here as the resource parents accept her, care about her, and provide her with any and all resources she needs including support.

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    Peter Manuel

    Shannon should be reunited with Caterina because:
    –Caterina is trying hard to kick her substance abuse habits, even if she has relapsed
    –Caterina seems responsible and had the presence of mind to contact Nathan and Marie when she relapsed
    –the bio-parent should be favored if possible

    Shannon should stay with Nathan and Marie because
    —Caterina seems unable to definitively kick her habit
    –they can provide a genuinely stable home
    –Caterina has presumably bonded with them to a greater extent than with Caterina

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    mindy felixbrod

    Birth mother is Trying and completing her programs.
    She WANTS her daughter and is concerned about her well being.
    She has FAMILY

    Resourse Parents
    Provide a safe stable environment
    Have had her since she’s very young and Shannon is very comfortable there
    They are willing to incorporate birth mother so the safety and inclusion can be a factor

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    Anastasia Warden

    Reunification should be considered because:
    1. Her biological mother has maintained a proper apartment and job.
    2. Relapse is part of recovery – as soon as Shannon’s mom relapsed, she considered Shannon’s safety first and had her re-placed at the familiar resource parents’ home
    3. Even when Shannon lived with her mom, her mom recognized the importance of Shannon’s relationship (attachment) with her resource parents and maintained the relationship between the resource parents and Shannon

    All of the above suggest that Shannon’s bio mom wants what is best for Shannon and will continue to do the hard work required to keep Shannon safe while working on her recovery from addition.

    Placement with the resource parents should be considered because:
    1. RP have indicated they are willing to adopt Shannon – permanency
    2. No history of substance abuse
    3. There is no question there is a strong attachment between Shannon and her resource parents as she spent 1.5 years with them as young toddler.

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    Fran Waller Robertson

    Reasons for Reunification:
    (1) I feel that the mom is realizing her problems and would work on correcting them
    (2) She needs to continue with her rehab and get support to continue with it.
    (3) I believe that if the natural mother wants her child, it can never be taken away permenately as long as the mother continues to work at her problems. She needs support.

    Stay with resource parent:
    (1) Moving and separating a child is a very difficult matter. I believe it has a lasting effect on the child.
    (2) If her resource family is stable, this will hopefully give stability to the child.
    (3) Child can feel secure and see stability in their lives

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    Alondra Palacios


    1. Mom is taking the necessary steps to better herself.
    2. Relapse is part of the recovery process. As long as she continues to want to change, she should be supported.
    3. It’s important for the cultural needs of the child to be met.

    Resource Parents:

    1. Stability.
    2. They want to adopt her and provide permanency.
    3. Have created a bond with the child.

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    Amy Aynedjian

    Shannon should stay with resource parents because :
    1. She has aN emotional bond with them since she was originally placed there at one year old and is now 4 1/2 .
    2. They offer a stable, alcohol free environment with extended family support.
    3. They have acted as her parents on and off for the last 3 years of her life and now she will soon enter kindergarten so stability at home would be top priority.

    1. Mom has successfully completed day treatment for her addiction.
    2. She has a spacious apartment that Shannon is familiar with.
    3. She is employed in her field of training and wants unsupervised visits with Shannon.

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