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    Share a strength (one word) you associate with someone you know who suffers from a substance abuse issue.  Share your thoughts about how their substance abuse issues impacts their life.

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    Cathy Skinner

    I have a friend who is an alcoholic. She’s so so SWEET. She’d give you the shirt off of her back.

    However, it cost her her marriage and will most likely cost her her sanity- as she doesn’t understand why it all fell apart.

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    Amy Aynedjian

    Since during class I shared about my sister instead I will share about my cousin. She is bipolar and definitely uses alcohol as a coping mechanism instead of relying on her meds.
    When her illness is controlled and she’s not drinking she’s quite the entrepreneur. She started a skiwear company and did really well out in Utah until she became pregnant & at that point her meds weren’t helping and she knew she shouldn’t be drinking . She checked herself into a facility to maintain sobriety while pregnant and taught the other ladies how to start their own fashion companies . She also had them model her outfits and raised funds for the facility.
    She can be whatever she wants to be when she’s sober and on regular meds but when the darkness gets her she falls hard. Her children are grown up and don’t see her anymore which breaks my heart ❤️!
    She loves them in her own possible way and she provided the best home she could using her fashion design smarts!
    She is a people person and a few summers back won first prize for a float she designed for the Fourth of July 🇺🇸 parade in her town. She invited all of the high school graduates From that year to ride the float . I so wish she was around to do that again this year as it would boost the mood of many graduates!

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    Suzanne Doll

    “Fun/friendly/outgoing” would be words I would use to describe strengths in friends I have known who have struggled with substance abuse. However, all have struggled in their personal lives, (relationships, education, finances and family life) in some way. I work with youth who tend to use marijuana and alcohol and most have had significant difficulties in their lives. Some try to abstain,others advocate for legalization. Often, there is an underlying mental health condition facilitating continued use. In addition, marijuana purchased on the street is often “not pure” and can be dangerous and/or cause further addiction issues.

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    Judith McGuinness

    I knew this young woman who was a great mom and a talented dance instructor. She was clean from heroin for over a year (the second time) and relapsed. She overdosed and was found dead on the bathroom floor. Her son was only 4 at the time. When people are clean for awhile they don’t realize that they can’t tolerate the same amount of drug that had been usual for them before and many times will overdose on that first day of relapse.

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    Shama Thakkar

    I have 2 people in my life who have suffered with substance abuse issues: my brother and my husband. Both have had their share of struggles, but one thing I can say about both of them is that they are extremely altruistic and generous.

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    Peter Manuel

    Hmm. I actually haven’t known many substance abusers. An old friend went through an alcoholic phase; his strengths and merits were many, as he was charming, dynamic, witty, brilliant, and endeared himself to many ppl before things went south, and his marriage ended in bitter divorce, he lost touch with his children, developed major health problems, couldn’t find a career that engaged him — then he managed to pull himself together.

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    mindy felixbrod

    Personality- and sense of humor. My brother in law had a both these qualities and used it to cover his struggles and his emotions. His substance abuse cost him everything. HIs business, his marriage and ultimately his life.

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    mindy felixbrod

    Personality- and sense of humor. My brother in law had a both these qualities and used it to cover his struggles and his emotions. His substance abuse cost him everything. HIs business, his marriage and ultimately his life.

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    Anastasia Warden

    Generosity & Loyalty – the one member of my family that could be classified as an alcoholic (though functioning) has always lended a hand when anyone needed it and has always supported their friends and family in their endeavors.

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    Fran Waller Robertson

    An ex-brother-in-law Now in AA and sober for 5 years, but drinking has ruined his life.
    While drinking he had an affair and fathered a child by his girlfriend. His wife knew about the affair but tried to be tolerant until she found about the new baby, Husband and wife tried to make it work but after another 5 years they divorced. That was 10 years ago. As of today they can at least be in the same room together. They have 2 children and 4 grandchildren. He still struggles.

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    Alondra Palacios

    Caring & Generous. This person has dealt with alcoholism for a good portion of his life. He really takes care of the people around him when he’s sober. When he relapses, he goes on binges and misses work.

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