During these difficult and uneasy pandemic times, the foster care system and foster children have been featured in numerous documentaries and articles.  Below please find an interesting documentary series and articles for your review.

How COVID-19 could worsen America’s childhood trauma crisis.

A documentary series that takes a closer look at a growing, silent epidemic — childhood trauma.


Choose a Gift that Changes Lives. Nicholas Kristof

National CASA/GAL Association Featured in The New York Times Holiday Gift Guide

“The National CASA/GAL network has been selected as a recipient of The New York Times columnist and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Nicholas Kristof’s “holiday gift guide.” In his column, Kristof makes recommendations to help raise the profiles of organizations that work on issues that change their communities. This year, through a relationship with California CASA, our network has been identified as one of five organizations that Kristof features in his holiday gift guide column.

Kristof encourages his readers to volunteer with one of our 948 programs. Readers learn about our organization, and how to find a program through a special landing page on both our national website, and California CASA’s special landing page. From the National CASA/GAL website, interested people can click on the existing find a program page, and use the map to identify a local program.

This exciting opportunity helps to support our efforts in recruiting more volunteers to support the children in your community who do not yet have a best interest advocate. “The value of a CASA/GAL volunteer cannot be overstated. We often hear from children that these highly trained volunteers are the only consistent adult in their life. CASA/GAL volunteers make a life-changing difference for children who have experienced abuse or neglect and are often in the foster care system,” says Tara Lisa Perry, CEO of the National CASA/GAL Association for Children.

Since 2009, Kristof has written an annual “holiday gift guide” column to bridge a philanthropic gap: readers who wanted to help but didn’t know how, and heroic individuals and organizations who desperately needed resources but did not have the national level of awareness. The column has helped raise the profiles of organizations that work on the very issues he covers in his journalism—health, education, human rights and women’s rights, both domestically and abroad.

Thank you to California CASA for bringing this opportunity to us so that everyone could benefit from it, and Kristof and The New York Times for their commitment to supporting philanthropic organizations like National CASA/GAL and our network of programs.”

Foster Care Was Always Tough. Covid-19 Made It Tougher. By David Dodge

She Escaped Sex Work for College. Now the Virus Threatens Her New Life. By Ginia Bellafante

We Met Them in the Depths of the Pandemic. How are They Doing Now? By Ginia Bellafante

What Happens to Some L.G.B.T.Q. Teens When Their Parents Reject Them.  By Amanda Rose

Most NJ Students have Computer Access, But That Won’t Close the Divide. By Hannan Adely