Homeschooling during COVID-19: How One Family is Doing It

Food Pantries

Background on COVID19 Legislative Package

2020-2021 NJFC Scholars online applications for new and returning studentsChildren’s Mobile Response and Stabilization Services Information A Guide to COVID-19 and Early Childhood Development

A Message on COVID-19 from the Children’s Bureau
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Caregiver Guide to Helping
Families Cope with the Coronovirus
(English, Spanish, Chinese
Versions Available)

Supporting Families during COVID-19

‘Why Are People Wearing Masks?’ Article

CDC recommendations

AA link for online chatrooms.

(All parents would have to do is create an

This second link provides parents with phone

Bergen County Board of Social Services building is closed to
the public.

People could apply in different ways:

  1. Online
    applications are accepted for all programs. (
  2. Paper
    applications could be mailed out to those who do not have a personal computer.
  3. There
    is a table set up with paper applications inside the building lobby for people
    to pick up and mail back for processing.
  4. There
    is currently a skeleton crew working in the building’s offices.
  5. They
    have some staff working remotely from home.
  6. The
    State has relaxed rules regarding face to face interviews, so they now
    interview all clients over the phone.
  7. There
    is a focus on new applications since ongoing clients are already receiving
  8. The
    State has allowed them to keep open any Emergency Assistance ( Temporary Rental
    Assistance ) cases at least until 4/30/20 . Emergency Assistance will not be
    closed under the circumstances.
  9. The
    amount of new applications coming in for all of the programs has increased
    tremendously (no surprise with people losing businesses and jobs).


Healing in place: Game on to flip the COVID19 threat into a positive experience for our children