shaunEthan was the CASA volunteer assigned to Shaun as he was approaching the age of eighteen. Shaun found himself being removed from his parent’s care because they were living in a hotel due to the fact that they were homeless.Ethan was instrumental in helping the parents fill out forms to obtain an apartment and he advocated on their behalf within several agencies for them to obtain necessities like furniture and linens.

This was an extremely difficult time for the teenager, Shaun, because not only was he separated from his parents but he was removed from his school during his senior year of high school. Shaun was placed in a foster home that was in a town quite different from where he grew up. His grades began to slip because he simply did not care what happened next. Ethan helped explain to Shaun the importance of getting an education and how this would help break the cycle that he and his parents had been in. Using his background in education, Ethan was also able to facilitate a meeting with the Child Study Team at the child’s school to make sure all his education services would remain in place after first being removed from his parent’s care, placed in foster care, then returned back home again.